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Online Sales
November 1, 2009, in Category 1 | By admin | No Comments »

With the recent release of Latisse, the prescription only eyelash extender, I have seen a rash of internet sales for the product at discounted prices.  As a consumer you need to be cautious in purchasing online.  Latisse, a product of Allergan, is prohibited from being sold directly through the internet by the manufacturer, click here for the policy.  Internet sales of Latisse or any medical product provide an opportunity for fraud.  The possibility for repackaging with a substitute exist and as a result the manufacturer needs to control their product.  If you visit a website that allows a few simple questions and promises to send the product to you, beware that you may not be getting the product you are asking for.  A deal too good to be true, usually is.

LifeStyle Lift
October 4, 2009, in Category 1, Category 2 | By admin | No Comments »

At Advanced Faces, we perform a traditional surgical face lift because this technique has been mastered and will provide a predictable result that is stable for years.  Since this technique has little room for improvement, many surgeons who seek notoriety will promote the latest and greatest minimally invasive procedure with a quick recovery that they developed.  Frequently the traditional face lift is repackaged with a new name.  Lifestyle Lift, Weekend Lift and the S-Lift are examples.  These procedures are all “mini-lifts”.  Mini-lifts are well known to all facial surgeons’.  This procedure is simply a traditional face lift that does not extend behind the ear.  The dissection is carried in front of the ear 2-3cm above the deep layers instead of the average 5-7cm with a traditional face lift which may invade the deep layers.  This technique has its place in any facial surgeon’s office but is not for every patient.  The minimal dissection of a mini-lift (Lifestyle Lift, Weekend Lift and the S-Lift) results in a shorter recovery time.  With these lifts, the deep tissue layer is not addressed which makes the procedure “safer” by avoiding the deep structures.  However, complications still occur and are a reflection of the surgeon’s experience and skill and not the latest technique as the LifeStyle surgeons suggest.  These exclusive marketing techniques are a concern and have drawn the attention of lawyers, specifically the LifeStyle Lift which settled a $300,000 fine by the State of New York, July 14, 2009 for fake consumer reviews written by employees.  Since the renaming of well developed techniques may tempt the surgeon to advertise higher expectations and better results, patients should seek out the advice of multiple trained professionals before deciding upon on a specific recommendation or procedure.  Remember to view actual patients before and after photos.  The Lifestyle
Lift advertisement has a disclaimer that the patients shown have opted for a neck firming procedure, which means a traditional face lift.  Have a critical eye when viewing these pictures.  Many times the after photos are enhanced or the patients head position is changed to give the appearance of a more dramatic improvement.  Dr. Johnson frequently views patients before photos of neck lifts that purposely directs their chin down to accentuate a sagging neck and in the after photo extend their chin up to give a false appearance of improvement.

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger sign Donda West into Law
October 3, 2009, in Category 1, Category 2 | By admin | No Comments »

On October 20, 2009 Arnold Schwarzenegger signs Donda West into law.  This bill introduces the Donda West Law which requires anyone undergoing plastic surgery in the state to first receive a mandatory physical examination. Dr. Johnson has made this the standard of care in his office since we opened in September 2006.

Medical Spas
October 2, 2009, in Uncategorized | By admin | No Comments »

Medical Spas (MedSpas) are on the rise throughout the county.  These are facilities that provide aesthetics (permanent eyeliner, makeovers, etc) and minimally invasive cosmetic procedures (Botox, facial fillers, lasers, etc.).  Salons may also be combined with a MedSpa where you can receive a haircut and Botox at the same appointment.  MedSpas are usually staffed by physicians who typically are not a specialty associated directly with cosmetic surgery, such as family medicine or psychiatry.  The practice of cosmetic surgery has exploded into a multi-billion dollar business.  Unfortunately there is no regulation of these procedures and who may perform them.  This has led to an intense push for non-surgeons to perform the seemingly simple procedures in “medspa” settings without intense previous training or hospital privileges.  Dr. Johnson feels that all aspects of facial cosmetic surgery would best be performed by an experience Otolaryngologists (ENT), Ophthalmologist, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon or Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon.  These specialist’s residence training gives them the best understanding of the local anatomy, techniques and associated complications.  This leads to a sound foundation to build the necessary skills associated with the more complex cosmetic surgery procedures.  In addition, it is these specialists that have provided and continue to provide the scientific publications that grow cosmetic surgery into the current practice and beyond.
Complications happen in any surgery.  These complications are best managed by an experienced surgeon and at facility that is appropriately equipped.  In this example a patient may have had a lidocaine overdose from a body liposuction procedure.  The complication is well known and in an experienced surgeons hands should never happen. Dentists use lidocaine daily and this specialty is well versed in the appropriate dose recommendations per pound.  Unfortunately, doctors who learn these techniques from a weekend course fail to understand the nuances associated with surgery that comes with an approved surgical residency.

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