Blepharoplasty Eye Surgery

We can perform a blepharoplasty to correct sagging eyelids, bags or pouches beneath the eyes, as well as excess folds around the eyes. This surgical procedure involves the removal of excess skin and fat on upper and lower eyelids and is often performed in conjunction with other surgical procedures including facelifts, eyebrow and forehead lifts. Blepharoplasty can be done under general anesthesia (with you asleep) or under IV sedation. Both are very comfortable options. Dr. Johnson will trace the natural lines and creases of your face and make incredibly fine incisions from the inner to the outer edge of the eyelid. Surgery on the upper eyelid is performed first with the incision made in the fold of the lid. The incision is made below the eyelash on the lower eyelid or in the pink part of the eye. Any excess fat and skin are removed from the underlying compartments. The amount of fat excised is determined by the degree of protrusion of fat when pressure is applied to the area. Small sutures are used to close the incision and special ointments and dressings may be applied. The surgery can take up to 2 hours. Laser may be used at the same time to reduce wrinkles  
Eye Lid Surgery or Blepharoplasty
Eye Lid Surgery or Blepharoplasty The highlighted area shows the upper lid.  The picture on the left is before a blepharoplasty while the one on the right is a few weeks later.  Please note how youthful and rested the patient becomes after this procedure.  The results are similar to a brow lift but careful evaluation and experience will help Dr. Johnson determine which procedure is best for you.
Eye Lid Surgery or Blepharoplasty
Eye Lid Surgery or Blepharoplasty
The pictures above show a gentleman that had “bags” under his eye.  The best way to evaluate this is to look up.  You can notice the bulging from under the eye.  This reflects an old and tired look.  The picture on the right shows the area outlined in red.  The third picture shows the bags removed.  The procedure is completed with the incision hidden in the pink part of the eye and no skin incision is needed.  There are times when a skin incision is required and usually used to remove the bags as well as loose wrinkly skin.  Visit the gallery to see more examples.

Before Surgery

We will evaluate your medical history in order to determine your overall health.  Dr. Johnson will discuss with you how your face can look and what you can expect from surgery.  Our objective is to create a natural appearance that is pleasing to you.  Photographs are taken to determine the amount of improvement expected and for comparison after surgery. We will provide you with preoperative instructions that may include the elimination of specific drugs containing aspirin several weeks before surgery to minimize excess bleeding.  Antibiotics may also be prescribed to prevent infection.  Leave contacts out for the surgery.  Do not smoke for seven (7) days prior to the surgery.

Post-Operative Information

-Post Surgical Instructions

Initially, drying of the eyes can occur after blepharoplasty. This condition can be alleviated with medication. In addition, you may be sensitive to bright light and wind for a period of time. Numbness and itching may also occur during the healing process. Keep any incision moist with Polysporin for 2 weeks.  You can find Polysporin over the counter at any local pharmacy. A final evaluation may occur within several months from the initial surgical procedure.


Your insurance company may pay for part of the cost of surgery if the procedure is performed as a result of visual impairment. Because every insurance carrier is different, it is recommended that you check with your own insurance company to determine the level of coverage.