After BOTOX® Cosmetic

You can resume normal activities immediately and you may lie flat as well.  Some patients experience a slight temporary bruising at the injection site. This can be covered with makeup.  The “blebs” and redness resolve within 20 minutes. Do not rub the injection sites. Complete effect will take 3 days. Some patients do not respond to Botox because of an antibody so if you see no results after the third day, call Dr. Johnson. If you are unable to open either eye, call Dr. Johnson. The most common complaint we experience with Botox is a heavy brow when injecting the forehead.  This happens because Botox is a muscle paralytic.  In other words, Botox stops the muscle from moving and it looses its natural resting tone.  When injecting into the forehead the frontalis muscle will loose its tone and as a result the eyebrows will slightly fall or sag.  Most patients do not notice the one millimeter change however in patients who already have brow ptosis (sagging brows) this can be noticeable and worrisome.  In these select few patients a brow lift to reposition the eyebrow will be beneficial.