After Cervicoplasty or Neck Tightening Lift

Before your cervicoplasty or neck tightening lift surgery, Dr. Johnson and his staff will review the post-operation instructions in detail.  After your surgery, the assistants will go over all instructions with the person that will be accompanying you home. Don’t be surprised at the pale, bruised, and puffy neck you see after a cervicoplasty or neck tightening lift surgery. This is normal and will last from 7 to 14 days, depending on how your body responds.  Do not be alarmed that the bruising may extend into the upper chest or nipple area.  This is not uncommon.  The bruising will change from a dark red to light yellow as the healing occurs. A feeling of tightness in the neck is expected.  It subsides gradually over the first few months, but remember that this is the goal of surgery: a tighter face and neck. There is usually no significant discomfort after a cervicoplasty or neck tightening lift surgery; pain medication will be prescribed by Dr. Johnson to lessen any discomfort you may have.  If you develop sudden pain or swelling this may be an indication of a blood clot at the surgery site and Dr. Johnson needs to be notified immediately. A dressing will be applied (and should not be removed) immediately after surgery.  This dressing should remain on for the first 72 hours and then may be removed and worn at night. Patients may be seen the next day and the bandages removed and the wounds redressed.  After 72 hours, you may wash your face and hair. Some numbness of the skin is normal; it will resolve in a few months. The sutures will be removed in 5-7 days. Do not turn your neck for two weeks.  Which means driving may be difficult, make the appropriate arrangements. Apply Polysporin® to incisions twice a day.